Awarak Booth

TIC 2017

When Awarak approached us for their 2017 TIC booth creation their design request was straight forward, "Modern, Sleek and Communicative" leaving concept totally up to Creative Cube. It was further communicated their allocation of a modest 4m x 3m space and their intent to have

  1. a table to provide samples of chicken prepared in multiple local and gourmet styles for booth visitors
  2. a small lounge area that allowed engagement with their reading material and video profile on a 32in monitor

Our Creative Director adeptly handled the management of this project at every juncture to ensure that Awarak was afforded the booth they employed us to realise.


Planning & Allocation

Information was gathered from Awarak as to their previous booth engagements and the obstacles they faced. We also contacted the TTMA(organizers for the TIC expo) to verify the  regulations that had to be met with their expo and the space that Awarak booked for their booth. For their discussed intent a 4m x 3m space was relatively small, but it was already booked. Our design team worked out concepts to firstly mesh a clean, modern design with an easy to navigate, free flowing space that accommodated the things Awarak wanted in their booth. The spatial planning helped us better design a final concept that was immediately well received and approved by Awarak.


Finalization of completed booth

With the green light on our initial design and form we carried out the process of artwork design again working this out with the client. Awarak wanted simple but communicative and maintenance of brand identity. They identified that they are about the upkeep of their staff, providing what their customers want and quality from factory to the end user’s kitchen. Approval of final artwork was quickly met, and we provided 3D previsualisation of the completed booth which allowed the client to better fine tune minor details to final design.

Click and drag to rotate booth
or use controls available


Structural Build

The fabrication process was easily streamlined with the provided full dimensions, multiple 3D angles and print ready artwork. Our fabrication team went about building out the overhead frames and back/side pieces to allow modular installation and possible expansion. 

The artwork was simultaneously sent for high quality print. With completed sections of the booth, artwork and other purchased part we were ready for installation.


Putting the pieces together

Creative Cube undertook the responsibility for communication with the TTMA to finalize booth preparation and requirements such as electrical supply. Installation began on the day before the TIC expo launch. The main overhead structure was mounted and stabilized then carefully shifted below the already mounted flooring. Our team then mounted the back and side pieces. Artwork was placed last. The other booth accessories such as the literature stand, bench, television (independent stand), custom podium, custom printed fridge and table was subsequently added. Awarak was able to come in the next day and comfortably setup for the sample section, add their pamphlets and stock the fridge all ready for a successful TIC 2017 presence.


Exhibition Showtime

In our drive to ensure optimum use of our final products we collected data to gauge the booth interaction during different times. Awarak’s TIC 2017 booth was a success at all fronts. Of course, the food sampling section was a hit, everyone loves free food especially at great quality.

We observed that people also stopped to look at the artwork, take up pamphlets and look at the Awarak video presentation. There was never a dull moment for their booth and Creative Cube remains proud to be an integral part of that process.



As the convention closed and all participants packed up their booths, Creative Cube was responsible for the unmounting of the Awarak booth, careful wrapping and transport to our south based warehouse facility for storage.
Our mountable design was used and redesigned or Awarak’s 2018 TIC booth which is detailed here.