Awarak Booth

TIC 2018

As part of our storage/maintenance policy we approached Awarak to go over their 2017 booth and work out logistics for their 2018 booth location. With the success and influx of visitor engagement of their last TIC presence they decided to keep the working concept but modify it to facilitate their new space of 6m x 10m more than double their 2017 booth. Our initial design, modular in nature allowed us to easily rebuild and add the modified concept. The intent remained the same and based on the data showing increased visitor engagement the concept allowed easier flow of people and better interaction between Awarak representatives and the visitors present.


Conceptual Planning & Allocation

Although concept was built on the 2017 design, we had to modify the super structure to easily allow a free flow of people yet retaining structural integrity, and that we did … with success. Upon approval, we itemized the additions that they required which included recessed lighting on the overhead structure, a hanging overhead box sign and built in TV mount into the back wall accommodating a larger screen and additional posters. 


Finalization of completed booth

Awarak opted to keep the original artwork concept from 2017 with only minor modifications to facilitate the new size of the backwall as the sidewall was done away with. Additionally, there were eight additional mini posters to be added to the support frames that required minimal design and integration. All additional changes and design implementations were communicated to the client via 3D pre-visuals at integral stages to expedite approvals. This gave Awarak the confidence and assurance that the look and feel of their final booth design for TIC 2018 as a they envisioned.

Click and drag to rotate booth
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Structural Build

The fabrication of the modified booth was made easy with our 2017 modular design. New material was easily acquired with consistency to allow a seamless build. Lighting additions was left to the installation phase to better determine position. Modified artwork was sent to print and left to the install phase to apply or install accordingly.


Putting the pieces together

Installation was relatively seamless and followed the same procedure of floor mounting and structural happening separately and then placing the structure on the finished floor. Recessed lighting was applied to the overhead structure and connected to the already run electrical wiring framework set up ahead of event. Awarak’s 60-inch flat screen was placed on wall mount and tested for stability. The artwork was cut and placed on site.

Issues was encountered with the overhead structure based on the booth position and the venue’s roof beam placement. An oversight in general that was resolved with keeping the structure as is and better location planning for future events. Awarak was able to visit prior to the event formal opening and successfully set up their booth.


Exhibition Showtime

In our drive to ensure optimum use of our final products we collected data to gauge the booth interaction over a three day period at different time intervals. This data collection process guides future design, marketing and consultancy principles for our clients.

Based on our data collection Awarak’s 2018 booth was even more successful than its 2017 version based on its visibility and free flowing design primarily due to size and modified design. Visitor interaction was dominant for the first They even hosted a small raffle for visitors.



Per our ongoing service agreement with Awarak, we undertook the responsibility to dismantle and package the 2018 booth structure storing all the parts and accessories at our south based warehouse for future use and engagements.