TIC 2018

We were approached by an event coordination company who was commissioned to design and fabricate the booth by HADCO. Creative Cube was given the responsibility to conceptualize the booth, design relevant artwork, fabrication and structural installation. For this job we outsourced to our lead affiliate fabrication company Aesthetic Designs based on their ability to route complex structures to precision and engineering capabilities.


Planning & Allocation

When the event-based company presented us with a base idea and HADCO’s booth requirements Creative Cube formulated a design and consulted Aesthetic Designs per the structural feasibility. Once resolved we were quickly able to determine the best material to use and implement a working design with artwork that HADCO immediately approved for concept. However, according to the event coordination company HADCO had budget constraints and opted to go for a reduced design and cheaper material yet keeping the concept. With this information we were able to facilitate this with a few iterations. All stages of the design for this booth was communicated using 3D pre-visuals to allow all parties to get a working idea of the final design and how to place furniture and required amenities at all stages.





Click and drag to rotate booth
or use control available


Structural Build

Final artwork was commissioned to a third party for convenience and Creative Cube was responsible for the entire structural fabrication. This included full build of all parts, electrical outfitting along with lighting. Aesthetic Designs adeptly handled the engineering aspects of the booth with the guided design and schematics provided by Creative Cube. As a team we were successful in providing what was designed and finally approved by HADCO.


Putting the pieces together

The installation for this booth while relatively simple was met with issues based on last minute changes made by the commissioned company conflicting with HADCO’s heads. Aesthetic Designs remained dedicated to the job and facilitated the back and forth changes until satisfaction was had by HADCO. Our affiliate fabrication company also handled jobs outside the scope given to Creative Cube to ensure timely completion. At the end of it all, all criteria were met and the booth was up ready for showtime.


Exhibition Showtime

Observational data was collected during the three days of the event at interval times to ascertain visitor interaction. The results were phenomenal, there was never a dull moment at the HADCO 2018 booth.

There was heavy engagement from the general public and business personnel wishing to interact on professional levels with HADCO representatives present. Of course, the ice cream samples were well received.



While seamlessly successful per our scope of works that was stipulated by the commissioned company, it was a deep learning process that showed us the great necessity to ensure our due diligence per interactions and to ensure communication with the main client is met. Communication is sometimes lost with third parties especially when the main client goals is not properly communicated to our design experts. Creative Cube prides itself with providing thorough start to finish products, services and solutions and while we may outsource for some jobs we ensure all parties are equally dedicated to quality, completion and overall client satisfaction.