The Process

Proper Process Prevents Poor Practice



Our first engagement with our client requires us to assess the nature of the project in terms of location, size, intended goals of final product, expected lifespan of product, regulations and budgetary expectations.  Based on the scope and nature of the project, site visits may be carried out to assess limitations within our design protocol.  

With this information we carry out a careful analysis that helps us determine and better streamline design, materials to be used and tentative project timelines. We communicate this with the client, fine tuning where necessary along the design phase.



This is where we get to be creative. Based on the design factors finalized in process one, our team proceeds with strategic formulation of a concept that works for the client and their brand. Data driven design is implemented to ensure engagement and returns on the final product. With coordinated communication with the client we finalize design, dimensions, artwork, recommended materials used and final costing. The final design stage is accompanied by a realistic 3d previsual (image or video) to help all parties determine final design, accessories that can be used, spatial awareness and better plan end user engagement. Once approved and signed off by the client we proceed  to next stage.



Our enhanced design process helps us to expedite the fabrication process with detailed dimensions, engineered precision and placements, multi angled 3D references, material listing and other important form factors. Creative Cube's team of skilled fabricators then proceed to build out the final product ensuring all standards are met including safety, form integrity and quality finish. We are responsible for procurement of all materials and duties associated.



We undertake every aspect of the installation process. This includes coordination with location supervisors, transport of finished product, area preparation if required, mounting up and integrity testing of the final product and post area clean up ahead of your big launch.


Our installation process is carefully coordinated to ensure that the final product is properly assembled at every stage. As part of our contingency protocol, Creative Cube's installation crew carries touch up material relevant to the final product and the lead fabricator is always on site during the installation process to ensure consistency of design and product stability.


Finally, part of our installation service is also deconstruction of booths and storage, contractual maintenance of signs/landscape/interior decor.



As a data driven agency, it is imperative that we keep track of end user engagement of our products predominantly trade show booths, signage and interior outfitting. We track relevant data that can help our clients capitalise on their investment and use this information for upgrades on the final product or to recommend complimentary services to build brand and related product and/or service engagement.